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  1. Club Meeting - May 6th

    Meeting Topics: Last Meeting for Spring 2021

    Our next club meeting is this Thursday, May 6th at 7pm. It'll be social time to celebrate the semester end. Also, leave us feedback and let's reflect back on the semester!

    Meeting Discord link.

    Until then.

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  2. Club Meeting - March 18th

    Meeting Topics: s-cape

    Our next club meeting is this Thursday, March 18 at 7pm. We plan to work on some aspect of s-cape and present the new feature. We can also spend some social time afterward before our spring break. During spring break no club meeting is scheduled.

    Meeting Discord …

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  3. Club Meeting - Feb 8

    Meeting Topics: Hacker Rank

    Our next club meeting will be Friday, February 12th at 6pm. Meeting Discord link.

    We will be completing challenges on Hacker Rank in groups! This is a fun way to problem solve together. Also, please fill out the survey for best club meeting time: Survey Link …

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  4. First Club Meeting (Spring 2021)

    Friday, Feb 5th @ 6PM

    Welcome back! We hope you had a nice winter break. It's now time to start back up for Spring! Join us tonight at 6PM on our discord #general voice channel. Invite link here

    We will introduce each other and talk about club activities. Be on the …

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