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  1. Club Meeting - Nov 23rd

    Meeting Topics: Gaming Session

    Hi everyone, join us Today, Tuesday November 23 at 7 pm in EMS W120 for a chill gaming session. We’ll have plenty of different games, including many party games and several different consoles, so come hang out with us to kickstart thanksgiving break.

    Time: Nov …

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  2. Club Meeting - Nov 9th

    Meeting Topics: HackerRank

    Hey everyone, we will be having our second Hackerrank meeting this Tuesday, November 9th at 7pm in EMS W120! There will be an entirely new set of challenges to complete this time, so don't worry if you've already completed the previous one. Come have fun and hang …

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  3. Next Two Meetings

    Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 26th at 7pm

    Hello everyone! Our next two meetings will both be focusing on Linux and how to use it. The first of these meetings will be this Tuesday, October 26th at 7pm in EMS W120, where we will be installing Linux on a Raspberry Pi …

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  4. Android Workshop - Oct 5th

    Published: Mon 04 October 2021
    By Lisa

    In News.

    Android Workshop - Tuesday, October 5th at 7pm

    Hello everyone!! There will be an Android workshop on Tuesday, October 5, at 7pm (our usual meeting time).

    You have the option of either using Android Studio (recommended, it is easier) or a large folder. Please download your choice before coming to the …

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  5. Club Meeting - Sep 28th

    Published: Mon 27 September 2021
    By Raf

    In News.

    Tuesday, September 28th at 7pm

    Yooooo! Everyone I'll be doing a Unity3D demo tomorrow night Tuesday September 28th in our normal room EMS W120. I'll be assuming you have Unity installed (Unity 2021.20.1.f is what I suggested in #gamedev (on discord), but you can do pretty much …

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  6. Club Meeting - Sep 21st

    Published: Mon 20 September 2021
    By James

    In News.

    Tuesday, September 21th at 7pm

    Hey everyone, our weekly meeting will be tomorrow, Tuesday, September 21st, at 7pm in EMS W120. We will be going over how to build a computer, starting from picking out your parts, then going through putting it all together and hopefully we'll even have time …

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  7. First Club Meeting (Fall 2021)

    Published: Mon 13 September 2021
    By James

    In News.

    Tuesday, September 14th at 7pm

    Hi everyone, come join us at our first official club meeting this Tuesday, September 14th at 7pm in EMS W120. This will be our kickoff meeting where we go over basic club info and our plans for the semester, as well as get to know …

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  8. Club Meeting - May 6th

    Meeting Topics: Last Meeting for Spring 2021

    Our next club meeting is this Thursday, May 6th at 7pm. It'll be social time to celebrate the semester end. Also, leave us feedback and let's reflect back on the semester!

    Meeting Discord link.

    Until then.

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