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  1. Club Meeting - Oct 23

    Our next club meeting is today at 6pm. We will learn how the club project will work through Gitlab, including how to get your environment set up and how to submit code changes. Then we will start coming up with ideas on how the game should be designed. Continue to …

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  2. Club Project - Fall 2020

    We've decided on a club project for the semester - a maze solver. We can work out the features over the next several weeks. Possible ones might include a sophisticated AI, monsters, random generation, interactive objects, and mini-games.

    The interface will be web-based, and everyone can vote on the tool-chain they …

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  3. Club Meeting Friday, Oct 16 @ 6PM

    Club meeting Friday at 6PM on our discord #general voice channel. Invite link here


    • Semester Project Ideas

    We are brainstorming ideas for a fun semester long project that everyone can participate in, regardless of individual skill-level. If you have suggestions or feedback but can't make it to the meeting …

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  4. First Club Meeting (Fall 2020)

    Friday, Oct 2nd @ 6PM

    Welcome back! We are having our first meeting this Friday at 6PM on our discord #general voice channel. Invite link here

    This will be a show and tell from the officers, and a meet and greet.

    This meeting is an opportunity to have a say in …

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  5. Welcome Back! Fall 2020

    Meeting Times

    Welcome back! This semester may be a bit strange, but we'll be meeting virtually. Let us know the best meeting time!

    Head to our Google form and select one of the meeting times. We will communicate the next meeting date/time here and on Discord.

    For our first …

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  6. Spring 2020 Club Planning Meeting


    Join us to plan the future of IEEE-CS @ UWM! After the planning discussion, we invite you to participate in a short, single challenge HackerRank coding challenge. There will be snacks!

    Planning Topics

    • Discuss travel opportunities open to members for next semester
    • Discuss acquiring equipment
    • Discuss leadership opportunities for members …
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  7. Code Dive Tutorial


    Code diving, or code reading, is a valuable skill to practice:

    Indeed, the ratio of time spent reading versus writing is well over 10 to 1. We are constantly reading old code as part of the effort to write new code. …[Therefore,] making it easy to read makes it …

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