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Spring 2020 General Meeting Survey

In preparation for the upcoming semester, please take a moment to fill out this survey to decide the preferred general meeting time. Whichever survey result gets the most votes will become our general meeting time this semester.

The survey will conclude on Sunday January 26th and the time of our first meeting for the last week of January will be subsequently announced. Check back for more details.

How were the proposed meeting times chosen?

The four IEEE-CS officers shared availability for club activities, we found the following three time-windows are available to club use:

  • Monday 2–3:15 PM
  • Thursday 7–8:15 PM
  • Friday 5–8:15 PM

Then we cross-referenced the UWM Schedule of Classes, omitting times on Monday due to conflicting with CS150, CS151, CS251, CS315 and CS395. This resulted in proposing times on Thursday and Friday evenings.

We look forward to a fun semester of activities and opportunity.